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Torino Vintage


Free play soccer table, designed for an 8 players game. Best for communities, schools, clubs and for special events such as promotional campaigns.
  • Body: 25 mm multilayered poplar body
  • 6060 extruded anodized aluminium top forms a protective barrier from water infiltrations and preserving the table from humidity and sunlight.
  • Rods: 18 mm double chromium plated telescopic rods
    (safety standards method: it doesn’t dangerously come out of the table)

    Two extra rods ( 3 and 5 players) for each central player

  • Playfield: 5 mm tempered unbreakable glass
  • Bushings: special plastic material used for high smoothness degree
  • Legs: anodized alumium
  • Leg leveler: foot 80×80 with rubber insertion
  • Ball recovery slits placed on both playfield sides

Technical data

Assembly instructions


Play field dimensions

226 x 70 cm

Game dimensions

251 x 110 x 90 cm

Carton dimensions

255 x 77 x 27 cm


100 Kg